Online ordering for the Spring Plant Sale begins March 22, 2024 at noon with scheduled pickups at the Youth Farm on April 5.

We will be selling plants on-site and in-person on April 6 from 10am-4pm at the Youth Farm!

The Youth Farm is located at 705 Flamingo Ave., Springfield

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Plant Sale!

Tomato Starts at the Youth Farm Greenhouse.

Plant Pricing

  • 3.5″ pot – $3.25
  • 6 pack – $4.00
  • 1 liter blueberries– $10.00
  • 2 liter blueberries– $15.00

We accept SNAP/EBT for all edible plant starts (most flowers don’t qualify), and we match up to $20!

Youth Farm and GrassRoots Garden

All of the vegetable, flower, and herb starts in this sale were seeded and tended by staff, interns and volunteers at the FOOD for Lane County Youth Farm.  Our farm is not certified organic, but we do use non-GMO seeds primarily donated by Territorial Seed Company. We create our soil mix using organically certified amendments and potting soils donated by Aurora Innovations and Down to Earth, Distributors.

The FOOD for Lane County Youth Farm is an educational urban farm located on 6 acres of prime agricultural soil in North Springfield. We grow 40 different vegetable crops that we sell to the general public through our Community Supported Agriculture program and an online produce stand, open June-October. The majority of our produce is distributed by FOOD for Lane County to our network of partner agencies that serve the needs of households who are food insecure.

GrassRoots Garden is a learning and growing space with an outdoor kitchen located on 2.5 acres on Coburg Rd in Eugene. Every year we work with thousands of community members who participate in growing food for FOOD for Lane County while learning how to garden and how to prepare fresh produce into tasty meals. OSU Lane County Extension Master Gardeners oversee demonstration gardens and teach the community about growing culinary herbs, creating pollinator friendly gardens, caring for fruit orchards and composting and vermicomposting. GrassRoots is also a popular field trip and service learning site for area schools.

Educational Opportunities

We offer educational opportunities including employment, leadership and work experience for low-income teens, season-long internships for adults, and workshops and volunteer opportunities for all ages. Your purchase of our plants supports our work and the mission of FOOD For Lane County to reduce hunger by engaging our community to create access to food.

Thank you to the following companies and individuals for their donations and support of this fundraiser! Down to Earth Distributors, Fall Creek Farm and Nursery, Brent Hefley, King Estate, International Paper, Territorial Seed Company, and Rexius!